Subway Surfers Animated Series in HINDI | Episord-2 BUSTED |The Official Dubbers and SaeedDubz present

Subway Surfers Animated Series In Hindi Dubbed By The Official Dubbers And Saeedubz

Subway Surfers Animated Series in HINDI Episord-2 BUSTED |The Official Dubbers and SaeedDubz present Hindi Dubbed This Fan Dubbed Not A Official Keep Support Us and Join Us Now

Subway Surfers Animated Series In Hindi Dubbed By SaeeDubz

Video: MP4 | 1280×720 to| 480p
Audio: Hindi |ACC |  5.1ch.
Runtime: 4min Only
Audio Languge – Hindi
Hindi Audio is FanDub



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Busted by Guard & Dog, Jake is dragged home to face the music. As his exasperated mom tries to smooth out the situation, Jake attempts a clever escape from his punishment only to encounter an unforeseen obstacle

About the Official Dubbers
We are a group of students studying in schools and colleges having middle class backgrounds and hence we cannot afford professional equipments required for voice acting. We take out our precious time from our busy schedules just to make you guyshappy and achieve our dream of making anime popular in India. Please support us by donating so that we can continue to work like this and achieve our goals someday. We welcome all kinds of donations you can afford to give us. All donations will be mentioned in our podcast videos.

Subway Surfers Animated Series in HINDI DUBBED| Episord-2 BUSTED |

The series itself shows the four characters you’re familiar with: Jake, Tricky, Fresh and Yutani. In it, the four beasts must survive on skateboards and deal with the trials and trials of teenage life. The Official Dubbers The wonders of their magical city. Even if episodes only last four minutes (10 made), a long series has been developed, which is set to be launched in 2019. This first episode is good, which surprised me, no matter whether you are invested or not in the game. I didn’t think it would be bad, I wasn’t her target audience. From its animation to its audio, everything about its composition breathes quality, so I’m excited to see where you are The Official Dubbers

Subway Surfers Animated Series in HINDI

SYBO Games did a lot to tease up its new series of Subway Surfers. Fans could take part in the advent calendar style, and shared a lot of teaser artwork and videos in order Episode-2 Busted Today is the day, and today’s YouTube channel and website feature the very first episode of Subway Surfers ‘ animated series. We have examined the first episode and can say it’s really fun to watch, beautifully shown and full of surprises The Official Dubbers

Explore Subway City as never previously done:

turning the world of Subway City and its characters from a mobile game to a complete animated series means that fans can explore the cities in an entirely new way. subway surfers animated series in hindi Episode-2 BustedYou will see many familiar places, but the animated series of Subway Surfers will take fans to places never before! We look forward to every inch of town, where our favorite characters love skating, hanging and splendid adventures! Furthermore, you will have to itch for new episodes, something super suspicious is going on.

Get to know your favorite characters:

Tricky, Jake, Fresh, and Youtani come to life before your eyes is kind of amazing to watch. The first episode is only held in the iconic haven, but the characters we had never known before are very much learned. The gang gives Tricky tips to tell her mother in the first episode that she’s no more interested in doing ballet lessons.  subway surfers animated series in hindi Episode-2 Busted Jake and Fresh face off in a competitive SKATE game, while Yutani discovers something that can change their lives forever with her metal detector. In just a four-minute episode, everything and more! What’s happening next can’t wait to see! The Official Dubbers